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  • Manage your Artwork Projects professionally

  • Professionalize your artwork management by creating projects in the dashboard for you to control. Decide to bundle artworks within a project (by artwork type, by country/language, etc.) or separate requests as individual projects.
    Change project status as tasks get completed, assign jobs to different stakeholders, apply due dates, and communicate within the tool, about the different activities needed to complete the project (including attached files & use of emojis! 😄).

Manage your Artwork Projects
Custom Workflow Management
  • Custom Workflow Management

  • Save time and take back control of your workflow by optimizing your stream of information. Set custom stages, automate redundant actions, grant differing levels of permission, and assign tasks all from Twona AMS' centralized and transparent Workflow Manager.

    • Configure your workflow
    • Centralize information
    • Automate redundant actions
  • Self-developed Taxonomy

  • Your projects will use a naming convention automatically generated as a result of tag selection. Tags are distributed in predefined colour-coded categories, new tags can easily be added to the system, and adding/removing tags is as simple as one click.

    These tags are searchable across the different search areas (approvals, dashboard, library) and also clickable to facilitate filtering.

Custom Workflow Management
  • Advanced search and filtering capabilities

  • Filter by tags, by assignee, by owner, by date (multiple formats), by status… use the filter criteria, or just start typing as Twona uses natural search, same as you are used to on common search engines we will not name!

Automatic Archive and Version Tracking
  • Automatic Archive and Version Tracking

  • Easily access a history of your artwork changes and let Twona AMS' Archive do all of the work for you. Automatically organize and track all versions of your artwork to find needed files at any given time from one transparent location, making both workflow organization and unexpected audits painless.

    • Automatically generate archive
    • View all versions of artwork
    • Centralize workflow

Quality Assurance with X-RAY

  • Detect every difference between your artwork, graphical or text-based, with Twona AMS' powerful X-RAY tool. Pinpoint changes and verify the precision of updates for foolproof quality control.

    • Compare and identify text differences in font, size, and style
    • View highlighted differences in graphics
    • Download reports with comments
    • Compare in your preferred file format: PDF, JPG, DOC, RTF, PNG, TIFF, SPL, XLSX
  • Excited to try X-RAY today? Click here to start your free 14-day trial

  • Internal and External Approval System

  • Simplify the process of requesting and receiving approvals both within your team and with your external partners with Twona AMS' Approval System. Do your external partners not use Twona AMS? No problem. Twona AMS connects external parties to the central system with a simple email link, providing the required visibility without the extra steps.

    • Assign approval requests
    • View comments on artwork
    • Send and receive external approvals
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Internal and External Approval System
Full Audit Trail
  • Full Audit Trail of activities within the Project

  • Everything that is done in the system is recorded in the logbook. Attached files, project stage changes, assignments, artworks uploaded, artwork status changes, messages left, approvals sent and received...

    Full project traceability accessible to users on a read only mode, so fully objective

  • Control Access through Permission Rules

  • Not every user needs the same level of access to functionality, or within stages of your workflow. You can control all this through rules in the back end, to make sure that each person can perform their jobs to their best ability, without unnecessary clutter.

Control Access through permission rules
  • Notifications

  • We do not like to go crazy with notifications, as abused, they serve no real purpose other than (over)filling your inbox and leading you to ignore them. Used in moderation, we welcome the creation of notification rules that make your work more efficient (e.g project/artwork notification rules, approvals received, assignment...)

Automate repetitive tasks
  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Build automations that take care of recurrent activities. Think of a change of project stage when an artwork is uploaded, mark it as Approved if everyone has provided positive feedback, or assign to a specific user when the project reaches a specific stage.

    Combine multiple workflows and move a project to a different workflow after a specific stage through automation.

  • Integrate tools that need to talk together

  • Integrations allow your workflow to run more smoothly, faster, and without needing to duplicate data in multiple tools, or adding extra work for your team; and with the guarantee that the information exchanged is accurate across the different platforms.

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Integrate tools that need to talk together
  • KPIs in check

  • Using the power of integration, we can extract information from the AMS and present it in very visual ways to our clients, to help you manage your projects and artwork delivery. Keep track of artwork status, team workload, identify bottlenecks or report to management in a timely manner with dynamic dashboards.

KPIs in check