Martiderm is a cosmetics company based in Barcelona, which revolucionized the world of dermocosmetics over 30 years ago with the introduction of the first ampule with proteoglycans and vitamine. From their origins in a small pharmacy in 1952, they currently commercialize over 150 products and have a presence in more than 45 countries.

The team at Martiderm wanted to bring more structural control to their six lines of products and different packaging options (from samples to real products) that are sold and offered for testing in pharmacies all over the world, as well as online.

As a family owned business, the company shows great care not only for the product itself, “La Fórmula”, but also for how it is presented. Therefore, primary, secondary and tertiary packaging is of great importance to them. The team working on the conditioning materials wants to guarantee that what comes into the market is accurate and shows the quality of their product lines, and is regulatory compliant.

Before moving to Twona, Martiderm was using email exchange as the main communication about these projects, and Sharepoint to store the final artworks and to start the workflows for new products or change requests. Although the process was therefore digitized, they felt that

there were still a lot of misunderstandings and additional work iterations needed to get to the right results.

Twona stood out as a very user-friendly and easy to navigate tool, which seemed a top priority when thinking about a system that multiple departments need to work together on.

Companies working with multitude of packaging design assets should give Twona AMS an opportunity because it facilitates day-to-day work, and it would benefit the operational procedures of your organization