What's new?

Stay up to speed with all of Twona AMS and X-RAY’s product updates below. Browse through our list of updates to better understand our newest features before you try them for yourself


Feature releases in the last 36 months.

  • New file annotations engine June 2023
  • Single Sign On with Microsoft Azure Active Directory May 2023
  • Click, hold, release to change stage on a project on the dashboard May 2023
  • Version owner and upload date visible on the Artwork preview table May 2023
  • Upload artwork available from the three dot menu on the Artwork preview table May 2023
  • Change artwork status from the Artwork preview table May 2023
  • Upload of files with special characters May 2023
  • Online users in the system indicated by a green dot on their profile picture May 2023
  • Download icon to directly download file without previewing first May 2023
  • Full search infrastructure change for more consistency, security and speed March 2023
  • Improved message editor with new styles and emoji support March 2023
  • Video (screen and/or webcam) feedback February 2023
  • Ability to click on tags for filtering on projects and artwork libraries and approvals January 2023
  • Request feedback improvements January 2023
  • Direct access to some commands from the dashboard December 2022
  • Two Factor Authentication December 2022
  • Approvals direct access to completed and outstanding November 2022
  • Changes to approvals notifications and reminders November 2022
  • Speed improvement September 2022
  • Digital signature for approvals July 2022
  • Approvals automation action rules July 2022
  • Improved UI X-RAY January 2021
  • Performance boost for large files X-RAY December 2020
  • Improved navigation text matches X-RAY October 2020
  • History record feature X-RAYAugust 2020
  • Overall rehaul of comparison algorithm July 2020
  • Unordered text comparison January 2020
  • Keyline matching X-RAY December 2019