Testimonials:Laboratoire Arrow

Laboratoire Arrow, established in 2000, is a major pharmaceutical company in the French drug market. The company has a global reach thanks to being the first subsidiary of Aurobindo in Europe, since 2014. Laboratoire Arrow designs, manufactures and markets nearly 1,000 drugs, whose packaging makes it easier for the patient to understand the treatment and to make it safe to use.

At Laboratoire Arrow the team was hugely struggling with communication about who was responsible for what Artwork, what changes needed to be done, and by when. Gathering all necessary information to produce the final design was also a challenge.

This, in addition to a very manual process where everything was handled by email and excel sheets, was paying a toll in the whole packaging development process. Large design files and PDFs were shared through email, creating very heavy chains, and archived locally within the company’s IT network.

Arrow decided in 2019 to move towards using Twona : one single validated tool that would allow access to all stakeholders involved in

the process, centralizing all communication and information about artworks in one single location, making it accessible and visible to everyone. This has allowed for easier exchanges of information and a complete traceability of all ongoing projects.

onboarding phase in terms of workflow, rules and user configuration, as well as final validation of the system. However, by using the system daily, the team has become more aware of where things need to be different and where they have excelled, which

"Twona is really essential for a good organization of the Artwork Management process” -Artwork Launch and change manager.

The choice for Twona above other options was made based on the tool design, its ease of use, and scalability, making it flexible to Arrow’s specific environment. Furthermore, Twona was able to adapt to Arrow’s complex process, which was arranged during the

has made them want to challenge and evolve their processes. And when these process changes need to happen, Arrow can rely on their customer success manager: “We appreciate your availability to support our team, always with a

quick reaction. It is always a pleasure to work with our success team at Twona”.

The team is now able to process around 100 projects a month thanks to being able to prioritize work, communicate better internally, and save time. Furthermore, their artworks have continued to be safe even when the company suffered a cyber attack which made them lose a lot of documentation in other areas.

“Adaptability”, “Safety”, "Flexibility”