Testimonials:VR Print

VR Print focuses on design and printing of labels for the Agrochem, Cosmetic and Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and FMCG industries. You may be familiar with their “Attach-A-Leaflet” multi-page labels product.

VR Print have been using Twona AMS since November 2019. Their team handles approx 3,800 projects and 4,100 artworks through the system yearly, and involves around 200 different clients all over the world, from briefing to information collection, reviews and approvals. As many, they used to manage their process through email, and were looking for a system that would allow them to have a proper backup of their designs, and share their artwork all in one easy step.

They also required a lot of calls to get projects going, which did not always seem necessary or contributed to lots of wasted time. Now, once the project is started in Twona, each person knows their role and what they need to do, so the process is smoother and liberates time from project managers to focus on their tasks, carry on, and just do what they need. easy Using the tool has given them much speed and efficiency in retrieving their artworks, communicating across departments and with external clients, and handling their large work volumes. One word
to describe
Twona: "Powerful"