Martindale was struggling to have visibility on their projects, which - as with many other customers we have - were managed through a combination of email and spreadsheets. Knowing where every asset was at a specific moment was impossible. This lack of visibility made it also very difficult to manage their resources effectively. If you do not know how much work there is laying around, how do you assign it properly? Martindale selected Twona in 2016 after looking into multiple options. According to Mr. Crouch, what made it stand out from other options was “the Twona approach of engagement with all my stakeholders, not just selling the product to me”. Nowadays, their complex process is much more streamlined through the use of Twona AMS, allowing for a common way to interact for all key stakeholders. It is now much easier to keep a multitude of plates spinning! And, they do have a lot of spinning plates, with over 250 Projects and more than 900 Artwork versions processed through Twona last year.

Martindale Pharma, part of Ethypharm group, is an European-based speciality pharmaceutical company that manufactures and supplies over 180 cost effective complex medicines that allows better access to medicines for patients across the world.

"I always feel in tune with Twona

While some companies had to stop operations due to the Covid Pandemic, at Martindale business continued as usual even during the height of the lockdowns. Twona was already embedded into their processes and there was absolutely no interruption of services. One word to describe Twona: “Reassuring” Twona