How did Dechra manage Artworks before?
Before using Twona, Dechra Pharmaceuticals was dealing with a lack of visibility of their artworks amongst many of their users, and tried to give more fluidity to a slow process in which they were struggling to keep track of changes and requests. Originally, everything was managed through a spreadsheet, with files stored centrally on a drive, which made it difficult to monitor and track what was going on.

The situation today Since using Twona AMS, all parties agree that the process has gained speed and the number of jobs completed on time has increased. They all now can see the progress of requests and find the artworks they need autonomously. The system also allows for simple allocation of work and monitoring. Dechra Pharmaceuticals has also noticed an improvement in the relationship with other departments, previously blind to the progress of artwork requests, who can now monitor and find everything needed in one place.

Dechra Pharmaceuticals, a global leader in veterinary endocrinology and topical dermatology, has been using Twona AMS since 2018. Their Twona users (over 30) process close to 5000 projects and nearly 7000 artwork versions, yearly.

The work balance within the artworks team, job allocation and priority management has also benefited.
Thanks to using Twona, the team and work was also not affected by the corona pandemic or being forced to work remotely, as everything was managed online, everyone knew their roles and could continue working without any issues.

If you are looking for a system to help you manage your artwork projects, this is what Dechra has to say: “Go for it! Do not assume, give everything time, do not judge too soon” - Senior Artwork Coordinator, Regulatory Affairs at Dechra
. Twona in one word: “Enlightening”