Testimonials:DR MAX

The team responsible for Artworks operates in several countries, with external parties involved in the creation and approval process. Their nearly 50 users have been using Twona AMS since 2018. They manage over 1,100 projects on a yearly basis through the system, and over 10,000 multilingual Artwork versions linked to those.

"Using an AMS is essential for our daily work agenda Before Twona, the process was handled manually, through emails with the different stakeholders. Setting up and managing their complex Artwork process in a better way was their key priority.

Dr Max is a leading pharmacy chain in Europe with headquarters in Prague, dedicated to improving health care levels through access to medicines and pharmacy services.

Since onboarding Twona AMS, Dr Max has reported that they can now easily trace and review any change made in their Artworks. This allows them to keep track of the different phases of the Artwork development process. Twona in one word: “Clarity”

This improvement has not only been appreciated by internal employees; Artwork project management is now more clear and comfortable also
for their external